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Dipl.-Chem. Senada Duric

Dipl.-Chem. Senada Duric studied chemistry at the Technical University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina with emphasis on technical chemistry and process technology. Thereafter, she studied environment protection technology at the Technical University of Munich.

Ms. Duric gained her experience in industry when working with a chemical engineering laboratory. She continued her career with a leading position in a company performing microbiological environment analysis.

During that time, Ms. Duric developed her enthusiasm for patent matters and consequently she attended an intellectual property course at the University of Hagen in order to become a patent engineer. She joined ABK in June 2005.

The scientific skills of Dipl.-Chem. Senada Duric comprise chemical engineering, inorganic chemistry, power industry, oil and gas exploration, environment protection technology, analytics and materials science.

Linguistic proficiency:

German, English, Serbo-Croatian, Russian.